Hearts Aflutter

$14 - 20

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This simple, Valentine's Day themed kids game is perfect for a classroom party! Careful with that tray of light-as-air hearts and butterflies! Children will do their best to keep them from fluttering off their tray as they race across the classroom. A great activity for all grade school ages, this game can be played with any number of players.

Hearts Aflutter

$14 - 20

In this game the children are to race across the room with their platters. The object of the game is to not to lose any of your hearts or butterflies.


Each game set has 2 silicon platters and 2 bags of tissue paper hearts and butterflies.


1: Put 1 packet of the paper hearts and butterflies on each disc.

2: Clear space in the classroom and place two sets of chairs (or other markers) equally distant, about 8 - 10ft, across from each other.

3: Two kids can go at a time. Have them each stand beside a chair.

4: Give them a disc with the hearts and butterflies. They should hold it in one hand by their shoulder, like a waiter holding a tray of food.

5: On your signal, they should walk quickly to the chair across from them, walk around it, and come back. Since this is a race, they’ll want to try and be fast. HOWEVER, the paper hearts and butterflies are going to want to fly right off the disc. The goal is to be the quickest to go down and back, but also have the most hearts and butterflies left on their disc.

6: You can also play where the goal is to have the LEAST amount of hearts and butterflies left on the disc (it’s actually really cool to see the trail of hearts and butterflies floating behind the kids the faster they go), but there will be more of a mess this way. Make sure to have the kids help pick up between each race!

7: This game can also be done with the whole class by turning it into a relay. Just divide the class into two teams and do everything as above, only when they get back to start, they’ll pass the disc to the next person in line until everyone has had a turn.