Take Your Breath Away

$11 - 19

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A simple game for a kids Valentine's Day party! Players must master their breath and transfer hearts to their bucket using only a straw. Whew! I'm out of breath just thinking about it! This game can be played individually or as teams. This game can also be made more advanced for older elementary grades.

Take Your Breath Away

$11 - 19

In this game the children race to see who can put the most hearts into their bucket using only a straw. This makes a great station game.


Each game set has 2 metal buckets, 80 conversation heart game pieces, and 25 paper straws.


1: Decide if you want to play as a two player game or as two teams. Split players accordingly.

2: Each player/team gets a bucket and an equal number of conversation heart game pieces. Give each player their own straw.

3: Set a timer/stopwatch for 30 seconds, or just keep track on the clock.

4: On your signal, each player/team has 30 seconds to get as many conversation heart pieces into their bucket using ONLY their straw.

5: They should use their breath to suck the pieces to the bottom of the straw and then release them into the bucket.

6: When time is up, the players should stop and put their straw down.

7: The player/team with the most conversation heart pieces in their bucket is the winner!