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The most wonderful time of the year is also the busiest. Take back your time by throwing a classroom holiday party that’s as easy as unwrapping a box! Inside you’ll find activities curated to suit a variety of ages including Christmas bingo and a tree trimming game that doubles as a party decoration. Packed with enough supplies for four games, one craft, and a party favor, our Christmas box is sure to create warm classroom memories while taking the stress out of party planning.

Whats In The Box:

Gift Tag Craft

The kids will be excited to take home 2 gift tags that they made by hand for their family gift giving.

Included will be enough supplies for each child to make 2 gift tags. They can choose to use our cute as a button tree and snowman accessories, or use their imagination and make their own creation.

Snowman Pencil Party Favor

You will be known as the coolest Room Parent ever with this party favor. Everytime the kids sit down to do their homework they'll remember the awesome time they had at their Christmas party.

Included is a 5 piece stacking snowman pencil. Each individual snowman is about 1.75 inches and when stacked make a pencil that is 5.5 inches tall!

Jingle Bell Hop Game

The kids will have an exhilarating time burning off all their treats with this game.

Included is enough supplies for 2 kids to play this game at the same time. The metal jingle bells are adorable!

12 Days of Christmas Game

Sure your students know about the partridge in a pear tree, but do they know what was given on the 6th day? The 9th? The 12th? Test their knowledge with this playful take on the 12 Days of Christmas.

Included is supplies for 4 kids to compete in this finding and sorting game.

Trim the Tree Game

Classics have stuck around for a reason - they are blast to play. The kids will love this new take on pin the tail on the donkey.

Included is a premium felt Christmas Tree with thick felt ornaments. You will have to fight the teacher on who gets to keep this after the party!

Christmas Bingo Game

This game will keep all the kids on the edge of their seats. The truly random nature of this game ensures every child has an equal chance to win.

Included is supplies for every child to play at the same time with unique cards and custom holiday themed pictures for squares.

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$39 - 59

Free Shipping, Free Returns

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$39 - 59

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