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Halloween/Fall Party Box


Party Box

The leaves are blowing, the outside temps are falling, and the kids are ready for a class party. It’s time to celebrate Fall!! Let Room Party Parent help with our box of Autumn themed party supplies. The activities this box provides are:

  • Leaf Suncatcher Craft to take home
  • Apple/Chopstick Race
  • Blowing Leaf Race
  • Spinning Apples
  • Apple Scoop Relay

$65 - $79

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Included in the Halloween/Fall Box: 1 per child - 3” Embroidery Hoops, 2 per child - 4” x 4” Contact Paper Squares, Bag of Leaf Confetti, 1 per child - 8” Strings of Twine, 4 Sets of Chopsticks, 4 Chopstick Helpers, 25 2cm Red Pom Poms, 4 Small Buckets, 1 per child - Apple Spin Tops, 6 Stand Up Cardstock Worms, 1 per child - Paper Straws, 4 Artificial Leaves, 1 per child - Soup Spoons

Not included: Scissors, Markers, Tape, Timer, Decorative Ribbon(optional)

Halloween/Fall box crafts and game instructions

Spinning Apples

Fall Craft

Leaf Race

Chopstick Race

Click here for your free Fall box craft and game instructions in PDF form.