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Nothing goes together like milk and cookies, peanut butter and jelly, or a Valentine party and this game! It's called Matchmaker because that is exactly what happens. Each child gets a picture clipped to their back and must go on the hunt for their perfect other half. A great themed game for an elementary school Valentine's Day party!


$9 - 17

In this game each child has a game card attached to the back of their clothes. The student will then have to find the other student that is their "Match".


Each game set has 8 game cards and 8 mini clothespins.


1: There needs to be an even amount of players to play Matchmaker so, if you have an odd number group, invite a parent, a sibling who happens to be at the party, or even the teacher to join in.

2: Have everyone sit, put their heads down on their desk, and close their eyes.

3: Use the clothespins to attach one Matchmaker card to the back of each player’s shirt, image facing out.

4: When all the players are ready, have them get up and wander around the room to look for their match. They are allowed to ask questions and get clues from other players. If the players are younger, or if you need a fast game, players can tell each other exactly what the picture is they have on their back. This should make it very easy to figure out their match. For older kids, have them ask questions like, “Am I a food?”, “What color am I?”, “What is my purpose?”, “What letter do I start with?” and so on to help determine what they are, making it easier to solve for their match.

5: The first pair to figure out their match and pair up, wins, but play continues until all players have found their other half.