Sand Heart Craft

$27 - 35

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Have your class create one of a kind valentines with the Sand Art Heart kit from Room Party Parent! This craft is wonderful for all ages, not complicated, and kids just love it. It's one of the best choices you can make when planning your elementary school's Valentine's Day party!

Sand Heart Craft

$27 - 35

This craft uses pre-stickied hearts to which the student will add colored sand to decorate it. There are several ways to make their heart unique. Be careful, once the sand is on the heart it doesn't come off easily.


Peel and Stick Collage Hearts (1 per student), Colored Craft Sand (4-one pound bags), Plastic Letters, Paper Plates, Plastic Spoons.


1: Open the bags of colored sand and place each one on its own paper plate (or another vessel of your choosing - the plates are there to help contain spilled sand). Put the sand in an easy to reach spot on the table.

2: Put the plastic letters on the table.

3: Give each child a paper plate, a collage heart, and a spoon.

4: Have or help the kids peel off the top layer of the heart revealing the sticky side.

5: Allow the kids to scoop up small amounts of sand with their spoon (a little goes a long way!) and sprinkle over their heart. They can use multiple colors to create a unique design. The paper plate should remain under the heart at all times to catch the excess sand.

6: When the kids are done with a sand color, they can turn the heart on it’s side and gently shake the extra sand onto their plate.