Spirograph/Stencil Party Favor

$9 - 13

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Your students will love this party favor! It is simple yet can entertain for hours. Who doesn't remember being enthralled as a kid using a spirograph? That along with the ability to use this as a stencil, make this an art supply keeper.

Spriograph/Stencil Party Favor

$9 - 13

This party favor is sure to delight. It is a sturdy heart shaped spirograph that the students can use to make unique and interesting shapes.


One spirograph/stencil per student


1: Place spirograph on paper and make sure to hold it down firmly.

2: Put a sharpened pencil into the hole.

3: Move the pencil in the direction you would like to make the design.

4: There are also multiple shapes that the students can use as a stencil.