Stealing Kisses

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Calling all room parents! A thief is on the loose and they're after kisses! Using a set of cards and some game piece lips, kids will have a hoot guessing who keeps burgling their kisses in this easy, clever game. Whether you play as a small group or as a whole class, this game is perfect for a Valentine's Day themed elementary school classroom party!

Stealing Kisses

$7 - 14

In this game each child is given a set of plastic lips and a card. One card will have "Thief" written on it. While everyone's head is down the thief tries to stealthly steal another student's "kiss".


Each game set has 8 game cards and 8 mini plastic lips.


1: This game is best done at a table or with desks placed together to make a table. The kids should sit in chairs around the table.

2: Give each child one plastic lips piece. This is their “kiss”. Have them set it out in front of them, easy for others to reach.

3: Use the same number of cards as the number of kids playing. Be sure the “Steal a kiss!” card is one of them.

4: Shuffle the cards and pass one to each player. They should look at it, but not show anyone else.

5: Have everyone put their head down on their desk/table and close their eyes. No peeking!

6: Have all the kids use one hand to gently start knocking on the desk/table - this covers any sound of thieving!

7: Tell whoever has the “Steal a kiss!” card to lift their head and pick a kiss to steal. They should try to do this as quietly and quickly as possible. They can hide the kiss in their hand or pocket and then return to the head down position.

8: Once that’s done, all the kids can stop knocking and raise their heads.

9: Whoever had their kiss stolen now gets one guess to name who they think took their kiss. Nobody else gets to guess.

10: If the guess is correct, the thief gives the kiss(es) back, everyone returns their cards, and a new game can begin. If the guess is incorrect, repeat steps 5 - 9 with the same thief stealing someone else’s kiss.