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For many room parents, the Valentine's Day classroom party marks the official end of the year's school parties. Go out with a roar and make this the best Valentine's Day party ever! Below we offer several activities that are simple to set up and run, but are super fun for the kids. From originals to classics, we provide you with a great assortment to choose from. Get the most bang for your buck (and make your life as easy as possible) by buying the complete party box. Classroom party planning has never been easier... or more fun!

Valentine Party Supplies:

Sand Heart Craft

$27 - 35

Have your kids create a one of a kind sand art valentine heart! Our kit includes a peel and stick heart, paper plates, spoons, four 1 pound bags of colored sand, and a set of plastic letters for special messages. The possibilities are endless with this simple keepsake!

Heart Spirograph Party Favor

$9 - 13

This unique party favor will keep the kids entertained well after the party. A great addition to any student's collection of art supplies!

Take Your Breath Away

$11 - 19

An apt title for a game that uses breath to race against the clock! Kids must collect as many hearts in their bucket as they can by using only a straw and mastering their breath. Can be played individually or as teams.

Each set has 20 paper straws, 2 metal buckets, and 80 hearts.

Stealing Kisses Game

$7 - 14

Who's the sneak who keeps stealing other people's kisses? They better figure it out before the thief strikes again! Kids will have so much fun guessing the burglar before all the kisses are gone.

Each set has 8 game piece lips and 8 playing cards.

Matchmaker Game

$9 - 17

This game is all about finding the perfect match! Each child gets a picture clipped to their back and must go on the hunt for their counterpart.

Each set has 8 small clothespins and 8 playing cards. If multiple sets are ordered there will be no repeats of playing cards.

Hearts Aflutter

$14 - 20

Racing with a tray of light as air hearts and butterflies is not as easy as you might think. Kids will attempt just this, either as individuals or part of a relay, to see how many hearts and butterflies they can keep from fluttering off their tray.

Each set has 2 silicon platters and 2 bags of tissue paper hearts and butterflies.

The Whole Kit'N'Caboodle!

$65 - 89

Save yourself time and money! Each box includes everything above plus all instructions needed to run the perfect Valentine party for your class! Save more than 15% over buying individually!

Each box will have enough supplies for each student to do the craft and have a party favor. There will be enough supplies for each game to be a full class game.

Instructional Videos

Order the whole Kit'N'Caboodle and mark one thing off your to do list.

$65 - 89

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