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Celebrating the winter season with a classroom party? No need to go stir crazy with the planning! Our winter box has multiple themed activities that bring wintertime fun straight to the classroom – minus the frigid temps. All the supplies you need for the games, craft, and party favor are included. From an adorable polar bear craft to a penguin waddle relay, our winter box is the sure antidote for classroom cabin fever!

List of Games, Activities, and Party Favors in the Box

Polar Bear Craft

The kids will have a blast putting together and personalizing their own polar bear.

Included will be enough supplies for each child to make a fancy polar bear with a pom-pom nose, googly eyes, and posable arms and legs.

Penguin Eraser Party Favor

This party favor will become one of your kids favorite school supplies. Everytime the kids sit down to do their homework they will think of their awesome party!

Included is a four-piece eraser that when put together forms the cutest penguin. Each individual penguin is about 1.25 inches tall and will be on the corner of every students desk for weeks!

Mitten Match Game

This game is an original twist to a classic game of hide and seek. Kids will be given a mitten and they have to find the match. To add a twist you can give students each one half of a set and have them find their mitten partner.

Included is 6 pairs of colorful mittens. This game is perfect for a station game.

Penguin Waddle Game

This game will be a huge hit with everyone. The children will be in 2 groups and have a relay race. They will have a balloon between their knees and a bean bag on their feet. This will make them waddle like a penguin! It is stinking cute watching this game as a parent.

Included is supplies for 2 groups of kids to compete in this game. You can use this as a whole room game or a station game.

Winter Word Draw Game

This game will keep every child engaged the whole time. Drawing and guessing easy words such as 'snowflake' to harder words like 'Melting Snowman' will keep all ages occupied.

Included are 2 premium dry-erase boards with markers/erasers along with 21 cards with words the kids can draw. This can be a station or whole class game.

Snowball Memory Game

This game will keep the kids focused. In this game the snowball (a white bean bag) will be given to a child and they start a sentence like: "When I go skiing, I pack my ________". The student then tosses the snowball to another child and they have to continue the chant.

Included is a white bean bag that can be safely tossed. This is better as a station game but can be made as small or large of a group as you like.

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$99 - 139

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